Using apps to power

your business

From building enterprise solutions to developing computer vision application, Codefy covers them all.
We strive to find the right balance between business goals, user experience and innovation.
You bring the ideas and we’ll make them happen!

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We select the resources in your project according to your business needs and requirements! At Codefy you'll find highly skilled developers and you can choose the ones you want to work with!

Full control

You get comprehensive reports regarding your projects status and have full control over the workflow and planning.

Expert Advice

Our team of unbiased technology advisors can help you build the right, intuitive and easy-to-use solutions.

Cost Effective

We’ll improve your time to market and accelerate delivery while optimizing price levels.


We work with great companies and we are dedicated to produce the best possible outcome for our clients. But don't take our word for granted, take a look at the projects summary below.

Object Detection and Counting Projects

We have extensive experience in Object Detection and Counting, for which we’ve developed custom al

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The Movie Restoration Project

The software using advanced matching algorithms developed by our team helped the company to find the

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The “Back in High School” Project

We developed an object recognition software that can select all the pictures from Yearbook Albums an

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