With more than 15 years of experience in coding, our software developers will turn your idea into action. We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. We create cross-platform, standalone and client-server business applications ensuring stable functioning, high performance and usability. 

We work with our client to find the right solution and offer comprehensive solutions. Have a look at our portfolio and review some examples of our work.

The Organ Donor Management Project

Our client, a non-profit organization dedicated to organ and tissue recovery from the US, has implemented an in-house digital management platform dedicated to efficiently organizing the activity of its professional Organ Donation Coordinators.

  • Integrating Active Directory into the application user management system
  • A proof-of-concept applications that manages the organization’s call center activities
  • Was developed using Single Page Application architecture model 
  • Works in online or offline mode
  • RSS feed system
  • Integrates Google Calendar
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The Movie Restoration Project

The software using advanced matching algorithms developed by our team helped the company to find the correspondence between the full HD pictures and the original video frames that were used as input.

  • Data structures for spatial search and a Vantage Point Tree algorithm were implemented
  • .NET technologies (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • High level of accuracy for software
  • The movie is recreated in Full HD format
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The “Back in High School” Project

We developed an object recognition software that can select all the pictures from Yearbook Albums and match them to the input picture of the user.

  • Based on artificial neural network models
  • Recognizing different geometrical shapes from the albums
  • Face recognition software
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Object Detection and Counting Projects

We have extensive experience in Object Detection and Counting, for which we’ve developed custom algorithms and even used different algorithms from OpenCV library.

  • Custom library over ffmpeg library
  • Object Detection and Counting
  • Haar classifiers and classic image processing algorithms
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Mobile Apps Projects

Our experts have developed different types of mobile application which include: Mobile applications that integrate mapping systems, Geolocation and Microlocation Mobile Apps, Mobile applications for retail market.

  • Mobile applications that integrate different mapping systems
  • Geolocation and Microlocation Mobile Apps
  • Migrate applications
  • Mobile applications for retail market
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Real-time and Collaborative Quiz Game

Provide real-time system notifications between the game players and the game user interface based on the modern, out of line and complex layout.

  • Publish-subscribe architecture
  • REST Web Service
  • Dynamic content
  • SQL Server on Windows Server
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