We do more than just create advanced and complex software development. We manage to design perfect products that can blow away your competition. By harnessing that power and pushing it to the limit, we build Codefy Products that seem technically impossible. We put in motion the right people, skill sets and technologies to meet your performance objectives and your business needs, assuring support for the entire software development process. 


Is a cool and exciting words game where you need to lip-read and guess the word.

  • Interactive and fun app
  • Track your progress
  • Real-time updates
  • Sharply designed and highly accessible
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One Beacon

A universal beacon platform that can make your app quickly interact with any type of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, using our Android or iOS client libraries.

  • You don't depend on the particular SDK of a hardware manufacturer
  • Attach your own data to every beacon to categorize its purpose and provide back meaningful data to your particular app
  • We use BigData technology to provide you with real-time complex beacon analytics
  • You can use our server-side REST API to automate things like updating beacon meta-data or extracting custom analytics
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Beacon Monitor

A beacon is a tiny Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy device that can be detected by a compatible smartphone device from up to 50 meters away, without any need to pair or connect to it.

  • Use the custom Android beacon detection library
  • Google Cloud as the cloud platform
  • Use OneBeacon - , the universal beacon platform that can make the app quickly interact with any type of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon.
  • DataStore for database of beacons, registered users, and other entities
  • BigQuery for big data analytics
  • Managed VM for custom MQTT broker Pub/Sub
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Pusho Platform

Solution which provides retailers the possibility to share deals, offers and news with customers when being in a shop’s proximity. The application can locate users even if it is running in background, using the Bluetooth low energy.

  • Complex portfolio  
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Easily installation 
  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Fully Responsive
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